Valve in head (VIH) style

  1. Have a quart or two of tap water saved in advance in a container such as a pitcher.
  2. Rotate the valve on the top of the filter 180 degrees (1/2 turn). This will shut off the incoming water and also the water coming back from the house. There is a small red button that the handle will depress, automatically, when you rotate the valve to the stop point. This will depressurize the filter by running less than an ounce of water out of the filter head.
  3. Take the filter wrench – with the handle on the right side – and bring it from the filter bottom up until snug on the filter bottom (called the filter sump)
  4. Unscrew the filter sump from right to left, making sure you do not pull so hard out as to detach the filter head mounting screws from the wall. If you place one hand against the filter head and push against it while pulling with the other hand, you will make your job easier.
  5. Be aware that there is an O-ring that seals the filter housing located just beneath the threads of the filter sump.
  6. Dump out the old filter and water. If you keep your index finger in the filter sump while you dump out the old filter, you can make sure that you don’t loose the O-ring.
  7. Take the water you had saved in advance and flush out the filter sump a couple of times (or as needed) to remove any collected debris.
  8. Insert a new cartridge into the sump and make sure it settles on to seat on the bottom. If it does not seat the filter will stick up about one inch above the filter housing, if it does seat, it will only be about 3/8” above the filter housing.
  9. Make sure the O-ring seal is in place.
  10. Screw the filter sump onto the filter head. You should not need to use the wrench to tighten it on – it should go on snuggly hand tight.
  11. Turn the valve back 180 degrees (1/2 turn) and this will turn the water filter back on.
  12. Put the wrench somewhere obvious so you can find it the next time.

Note: Extra O-rings and extra filter wrenches are available at Toledo Water Conditioning.