Bottled Water Delivery Service

We have Bottled Water Delivery Service for businesses and residential customers in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.  We provide high quality bottled water delivery on our delivery routes but you may also pick up your water at our location near the University of Toledo.   You may bring in your own water bottles for our self-filled dispensers or we have pre-filled bottles for your convenience.

Bottled Water Dispensers


Our water cooler dispensers are available in Room Temperature & Cold or Hot & Cold configurations. The room temperature is ideal for cooking while the cold water is refreshing to drink. The Hot & Cold cooler has the benefit of an instant hot water dispenser in that it is ideal for teas, instant soups, hot cereals etc.  Our water cooler dispensers accept either our 3 or 5-gallon bottles. Our water coolers are all professional grade as opposed to retail grade. Professional grade coolers are built to last and can be repaired, if needed. These high quality coolers are initially a bit more expensive but last for years and often decades.  Many retail type coolers are not repairable – even for the simplest of parts – and are therefore considered disposable. Retail coolers ultimately cost more due to their short service life and can be an environmental disaster in landfills.

Hand Pumps

Hand Pumps are an easy way to dispense bottled water into a glass or a pitcher.  These are designed for everyday use and very easy to attach to the cooler. No lifting of the bottle is required to dispense the water.  The hand pumps include tube adaptors for use with 3 or 5 gallon bottles.

Spigot & Cradle

The Spigot & Cradle is a simple way to dispense bottled water into another container whether a glass or a pitcher.  The bottle, spigot & cradle sit on a counter or table. Dispensing is easy and fast.

Crock & Stand

The Ceramic Crock & Stand is a low cost and attractive way to dispense room temperature water.  Wood and metal stands are available for counters or floors depending on your décor.   These are attractive and very easy to use.

Save with Bottled Water Pickup

You can save money by bringing in your bottles to our water store located at 2806 Nebraska Ave – between Byrne Rd. and Westwood Ave. – just south of the University of Toledo.  The price of our purified reverse osmosis bottled water is only 35 per gallon.  Carts are available to bring you bottles to and from your vehicle.