Commercial Products

Commercial Water Softening.   There are a great many uses for water softeners on a commercial/industrial scale.  Softeners are extremely economical solutions to remove the calcium hardness from the water.  Softeners are used in restaurants to eliminate spotting on silverware & glassware and reduce maintenance and energy cost in water heaters.  All boilers need to have softened water to keep the boiler tubes clean with less heating expense. Chemical plants must start with clean water to make superior products.

Commercial Filtration.  Iron, sulfur, sediment and arsenic are just a few of the problems that can be treated with the proper type of filtration.   This is a recent installation that is being used to remove dangerous levels of arsenic and iron from a mobile home park near Toledo.

Large and Small scale Reverse Osmosis.  Improvements to drinking water, car washes, and laboratory reagent grade water are just a few of the uses for reverse osmosis.  Commercial RO systems can vary from a single gallon per day to many thousands of gallons per day.

Deionization (DI).  Deionization is a method of removing any charged minerals from the water by the process of ion exchange.  Plastic resin beads that have positive and negative electrical charges attract the unwanted ions in the water.   The result from the exchanges – hydrogen from the cations, hydroxyl from the anions – combine to form H2O, or pure water.  The resulting deionized water is then suitable for those industrial applications that require ultra-pure water.

Ozonation.  Ozone is a very natural process that creates an O3 molecule out of atmospheric oxygen.   Ozone has many uses such as large scale aquariums, sulfur removal, and drinking water.  Almost every bottled water supplier uses ozone to kill microbes in the water prior to bottling.

Ultraviolet Sterilization.    UV creates an intense light energy that obliterates the DNA of any microbes passing through it.  The UV lamp is encased in a high quality stainless steel housing and typically has monitors to ensure that the proper dose of ultraviolet energy is passing through the water column.  UV does not add or modify the character of the water.

Softener Salt Deliveries.   All water softeners require quality salt to keep them functional.  Toledo Water Conditioning can deliver small or large loads to your facility keeping your personnel free for more productive work.   In most cases, we have free delivery to businesses and institutions in our delivery area.

Rock Salt Deliveries.   Wintertime de-icing can be crucial to keeping your doors open and employees safe.  We will deliver pallet quantities of bagged rock salt to your facility at extremely competitive prices.  Our prices are typically much lower than salt products at retail stores.

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