About Toledo Water

Our History

Toledo Water Conditioning began as Toledo Soft Water Supply in 1947.   Leonard Keener started the business after returning home to the U.S.A. from serving his country in the Army, during World War II.  Leonard’s wife Betty joined him in the business.

The company had the Servisoft franchise which delivered and exchanged the resin tanks which softened water.  Automatic regenerating softeners had not yet been invented. The process was very labor intensive and hard work.

The early 1960’s saw the advent of automatic water softeners so homeowners could have  their very own softening system.  Older water softeners were inefficient and operated by clock timers; they also used a lot of salt – compared to quality demand operated softeners.

In the 1970’s new technology was developed for treatment of other water related problems such as iron, sulfur, and bacteria.   We quickly adopted these new products to stay on the forefront of providing high quality water to our customers throughout Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.

In the early 1980’s John Keener joined his father in the business.  We acquired several competitors such as Latz Soft Water and Lorenzen Water Systems.  We also changed our name to Toledo Water Conditioning to reflect the greater variety of products we handled.  Toledo Water Conditioning joined the Kinetico franchise to sell top quality, demand operated, non-electric water softeners.

In recent times, we continue to grow with technological leaps in products such as reverse osmosis, bottled water, and deionization.  

John’s wife Mary has joined the company as office manager.  Mary and John continue to strive to give their customers the highest quality water treatment equipment available along with the absolute best customer service.  

We truly want you to be thrilled with the quality of your water!