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Saltless scale reducing system (SRS)

TX Membrane

The Kinetico Saltless Scale Reducing System (SRS) is similar to a water softener in that it prevents scale build-up in hot water-using appliances, on your fixtures and in your pipes, however it does not use the ion exchange process to treat your water. The special media used in this system does not need to be regenerated; therefore, the system doesn’t require the use of salt or chemicals. Please note that the SRS is not a water softener and does not provide the benefits of cleaner clothes, softer skin, reduction in soap usage, etc.    

TX Membrane

TX Membrane

The TX Membrane system is the most advanced salt-free water system available. It's completely non-electric and does not use salt like conventional models. The TX Membrane system can take on iron, odor-causing impurities and chlorine. The semipermeable membrane filter traps these contaminants so only water can pass through. The TX also features a disinfection generator, a large capacity tank and finishing-stage carbon filters for premium taste appeal.

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